Poor, Mr. Spock

This is my first blog, I’ve resisted to writing one because I always felt like, it was just another way for people to ignore me. But, I’ve read a lot of things that tell me, as a writer, I have to have one. So, here we go. Hope you’ll visit me once in awhile. I hope we can share a laugh or two, maybe a tear once in a while.

Recently, I watched an episode of Star Trek. The Galileo Seven to be precise. Mr. Spock and six others are sent to investigate a quasar. Immediately, of course there is danger. Supposedly, large humoid creatures don’t appreciate that they are on their planet. Mr. Spock’s authority is questioned at every step. So much so, it really is ridiculous. In a real commander subordinate situation, the subordinates would be court marshaled for talking that way to their superior. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for poor Mr. Spock. But, we are talking television, if it weren’t for the subordinates & their constant needling we’d be bored out of our minds.

Everyone has an opinion about Star Trek. Yes, it’s corny, yes there’s lots of overacting, but I watched it as a kid and loved it. Now, that I’ve been watching old episodes I love it even more. Just before I watched The Galileo Seven, I saw the end of a Lost in Space episode. They were on some planet, one of the women was trying to get away from a creature. He was a guy in an ape costume who walked with his hands up in the air and his rear end protruding.  Ooh, very scary. Okay, it was early television and special effects weren’t their strong suit.

So, now ten or twenty minutes later in the Star Trek episode, the large humanoids, attack and kill all non major characters. In other words, all actors on security detail will die.  I didn’t remember the episode from before, but harkening back to the Lost in Space episode, I thought: please don’t let it be a man in an ape costume.

Well, it was better. One of the security guards is about to be killed by the creature. The camera focuses only on the actors face as he watches in horror as the creature moves forward. We see the monster from behind. I supplied my own, dialogue. “Help me! A large man on stilts and wearing a giant carpet is coming towards me.”

All the while we have this conflict taking place on the planet, Captain Kirk is enduring conflict of his own on the Enterprise. Commissioner Ferris is whining about what a bad job he’s doing.  He threatens to take over the Enterprise… now we all know, that’s a major no-no. Ferris also wants to force Kirk to leave the crew of the Galileo and deliver some medical supplies. Kirk doesn’t want to. He can’t abandon his friend or his crew. High drama.

Of course, in the end Mr. Spock and the rest of the crew are rescued thanks only to Mr. Spock’s brief human impulse.  They all gather round like children on a playground just before they are about to bully the kid with glasses. In this case, Mr. Spock, the half-breed Vulcan, is the focus of disrespectful behavior. In today’s world, we’d all be worried about his feelings. Well, that was me. Captain Kirk inquires what happened, Mr. Spock logically explains his reasons and it’s the end of the show…so they all laugh hysterically. Captain Kirk staggers to his chair in jubilation.  Scotty, the “I can’t get ‘er to go to warp speed Captain,” holds onto a wall. Bones, the “I’m a doctor not a bricklayer, escalator, scientist…” looks up and shakes his head. Lt. Uhura falls into her chair laughing.

Poor Mr. Spock. In today’s world Mr. Spock would have to see a psychiatrist, not Bones. He’d have to talk about his feelings, or I don’t know…write a blog?


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I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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14 Responses to Poor, Mr. Spock

  1. Laurayne says:

    Your father would be so proud, your first blog about his favorite show. So touching…and Too Funny!!

  2. Laurayne says:

    Your father would be so proud, your first blog about his favorite show. So touching…and Too Funny!!

    • Clever take on Spock and his emotional responce to the conflict. But I’m not sure if its “poor” Mister Spock or “lucky” Mister Spock. I was always envious how he didn’t have to deal with his emotions in solving all of his problems perfectly logical. Of course we all knew his human emotions were actually bubbling beneath the surface. I considered him lucky compared to Captain Jim, who wore his emotions on his sleeve. Spock ruled his emotions while Jim emotions controled him. Maybe a balance of the two is best.
      Looking forward to more.

    • rhondamhall says:

      Hey, Sissie… glad you liked it.

  3. How about a moment of silence for all the non-major characters killed by various life forms throughout the Star Trek episodes. 🙂

  4. Beverly Teche says:

    Congrats to a fellow trekkie on the new blog. Did the crew members killed wear red shirts? Supposedly, any actor in a red shirt never made it through an episode. I heard a trekkie story going around (and in the movie Galaxy Quest) that a would-be actor asked if he/she wore the dreaded red shirt. If so, the actor knew they hired them for only one episode.

    • rhondamhall says:

      Bev, I didn’t know you were a Trekkie? I wasn’t sure what color shirt they wore. I just saw a cartoon on FB where they had cookies ala gingerbread men dressed in Star Trek uniforms, but the blue shirt had a bit taken out of his arm. At least I think it was blue, but McCoy wore blue. So, I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find it.

  5. Cath Hood says:

    Just wanted to let you know I was here. 🙂 Love _Star Trek_, and I love the post.

  6. Connie Crow says:

    Welcome to Blogworld! Now folks can ignore you too. They’ve been ignoring me for a couple of years now. I too loved Star Trek, silly special effects and all. Did you see the documentary Roddenbary’s son did? Explained a lot about why Star Trek is written the way it is. Fascinating. Again welcome aboard. We’ll head into the space where no sane writer has gone before. . . or something like that.


  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Rhonda!
    I argee with you about Mr. Spock. There’s just so little understanding going on in the Entreprise.
    I am not actually a Trekkie, but I have caught a few issues. You’re right about the huge leaps forward in the FX departments!
    Are you going to see the Hobbit next year? From what I’ve seen the dragon, Smaug, is going to be really realistic.
    Have a great day!

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