Why Does Someone Like You Got to be So Mean?

            Like millions of other Americans, I watched the Grammys. I wanted to see the tributes to Whitney Houston, but most important, I wanted to see and hear Adele.  Since the first moment I heard her singing Rolling in the Deep, I had to have that CD. Of course, I loved it and couldn’t get enough.

            There’s been lots of speculation about the guy. You know the one who did her wrong. It makes you wonder, why would a man dump someone with that much talent? The news media speculated on who they think “the guy” is. She has never named him, and apparently with good reason. He could claim a portion of her sales, but I don’t see how. Writers, even songwriters write what’s on their hearts. It would seem, unless she sang, Someone like You, Bill Smith on 110 Jackson street, London England, Latitude 48, & longitude 89, he would have no claim.

            Another dynamite singer, Taylor Swift sang a song, “Why you Got to be so Mean?” After listening to that song, and knowing the reasons behind Adele’s music, I had to wonder, why on earth would a guy be mean to a singer songwriter? Surely, he had to know that one day his former love would pound him into the ground with their music. He had to know they would light him on fire and leave him begging for mercy. That’s what Adele did. There’s speculation on him as well, is it Jake Gyllenhaal?

            Maybe Adele wasn’t well known enough in the beginning and that’s why he didn’t think about it. But didn’t he ever listen to her sing? He had to know that voice would take her places.

            Taylor Swift has been famous for a while. What were you thinking, sir? Whoever you are? Jake? I suppose you were thinking, it just didn’t work out. That’s okay, not every relationship is expected to work out, but, it’s Taylor Swift! She’s gorgeous, she has a great voice, and she plays lots of musical instruments. She has a major recording contract! Tread lightly, sir. She has the world stage! While you have her heart in your hands, she has her hands around your literal throat and I don’t see you surviving.

            This trend even goes back to Carly Simon and “You’re so vain.” These songs get people talking, and they keep talking. You’re so vain was a hit in 1972.

            Of course, the speculation on that song goes back for years. On her death bed, I can see a music aficionado not begging her to go towards the light, or repent some sin, but…“Tell us now, before you go, was it Jagger?”

From now on, whoa to you men who date a singer songwriter. Be nice, marry them in fact. Don’t cheat on them, or better yet, be mean and dump them, I like listening to great music.    


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I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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4 Responses to Why Does Someone Like You Got to be So Mean?

  1. Dee Ann Williamson says:

    Fabulous blog, Rhonda. I can see you writing and hear you reading this. Actually, the douchebag that broke it off with Adele did try to claim part of her earnings since she did write it about him. I believe that didn’t work out too well for him.

    I did watch the Grammy’s and since Adele sat in the front row, I knew she was going to be a big winner that night.

    Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal?? Really? I’ll have to Google that. I’m not a big fan of Taylor and my thoughts about her singing is the opposite. However, she is a great songwriter.

  2. Kim Stokely says:

    Great blog. BTW, I’m pretty sure I read a few years ago that Carly Simon admitted she wrote “You’re so Vain” about Warren Beatty!

  3. Cher Powell says:

    I’ve wondered about that myself. There are many songs about someone dumping/irritating the songwriter and ending up in their songs. Paul Simon, Steve Miller Band, Huey Lewis, just to name a few off the top of my head. And in answer to your question about Carlye Simon’s Your So Vain, it was about David Geffen. She recently did an interview and said it was about him. Jagger actually helps her sing the song.

  4. Ann Stephens says:

    Just goes to show that you better be nice to anyone who works with words. 😉

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