F = Fageol A to Z Blog Challenge

FaegleF= Fageol

My dad liked to keep busy, and to earn extra money he and a friend went into the moving business. They bought a used moving van. It was called the Fageol. There were only two of them in the state of Nebraska and we owned one of them. I’ve scanned a photo of it. I’m not sure why I wax poetic about a large boxy looking moving van, but it was cool. Did I say there were only two of them and we happened to own one? And the name, Fageol. How can you not love something that rhymes with bagel? Microsoft Word doesn’t like how it is spelled. The front of the vehicle looks a bit like Frankenstein’s head.

I’ve searched to see if I could discover more info about the infamous Fageol. I assumed there would be some kind of history on it. Who made it and what happened to them? Why are they are no longer made? Nothing. Maybe, the name was its downfall.

We took a trip in it up to Desoto Bend. My dad and his business partner opened the doors and put boards up in the back and sides so none of us kids would fall out. Of course, in today’s safety conscious world we wouldn’t be allowed to ride back there. I imagine the adventure of it all, made it such a fond memory.

The thing was loaded with stacks and stacks of furniture moving blankets. We put them on the floor and sat on them. The upper part of the Fageol was reminiscent of the upper bunk of a pickup camper. I am using the Fageol in a current work in progress. I’ve always wanted to write a story about the Fageol and now I get my chance.

Update: Apparently, I misspelled it. I had it spelled Faegel. When I spelled it Fageol, lots of pictures appear in Google. I set up a Pinterest Board on it. https://www.pinterest.com/rhalltulip/fageol/

In my own defense, there are lots of different spellings on it.
Also, I found a couple of articles on them. http://blog.hemmings.com/?s=fageol


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I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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One Response to F = Fageol A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. faithanncolburn says:

    My dad was a farmer and when it rained during the summer so he couldn’t get out in the field, we would take a mini-vacation to Harlan Reservoir (about an hour from home). There would be two families of us and all the kids rode in the back of the stock truck. It wasn’t enclosed on the top, but the sides were high enough to keep us from falling out. Wouldn’t happen today, would it?

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