So, you want an Publishing Contract?

So, you want a book contract? Well, get in line. The days of the ruminating writer who hides out in his parent’s attic are over. You’ve got to get out there and work it, boy. You’ve got to have plenty of “likes” on your Facebook page. You’ve got to have a website. Self-published? Well, show us your stats. The J.D Salinger’s of the publishing world are gone. The kid who sits alone at his Pica typewriter while his long-suffering mother brings him tomato soup are done. You’ve got to socialize. You have to make contacts. Are you shy, do you lack confidence? Well, to darn bad.

Did you see Sean Connery in Finding Forrester? If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a famous prolific writer who sort of checks out of life until a young kid, who happens to be a writer, breaks into his apartment on a dare. Can you imagine William Forrester concentrating on his website? Telling Jamal Wallace, the kid, that he’ll help him with his writing if he likes his author page? I think I read somewhere, that the character of William Forrester was based on J.D. Salinger.

It’s a different game from the days of Salinger and Emily Dickinson. I took my nephew to school today. On the way back, I saw a guy in a little front loader moving large blocks of concrete. I thought to myself, I wonder if this guy blogs? Then, I saw some guys working in trees. I could hear the grinding of tree limbs as they were crushed into pulp. I wondered if these guys rush home to write about their experience cutting down a forty-foot spruce.

Did you have a bad day? Did your mama spank you? Well, write about it you fool! That’s publishing gold. You might gain a new follower on Twitter. Maybe you will touch that sensitive side of someone who went through the same thing. Quite possibly, someone will comment with “this” or “that” or “Word up” and since we have to abbreviate everything, they may just comment “Word!” Hopefully, there will be a moment of truth that will resonate with people. Maybe, your inspirations will touch someone to the core and they will follow your blog. Oh, I hope so!

I saw a photo that was supposedly taken when a family went into the river during a flood. The family clung to life on the underside of the bridge. So, apparently, they had time for a spontaneous photo? Instead of hanging on for dear life, they are snapping an “in the moment” picture. Did you see this kid who took a selfie of himself and a cop dressed in riot gear? I can only hope that kid has a blog. If not, I’m sure that photo has gone viral and he now has many new friends.

Selfie & riot gear

If you’ll excuse me, I have to throw on my helmet and ride my bike to work. Oh, I do hope something interesting happens to me on the way, so I can blog about it later. Or better yet, I will vlog about it. I can show a video log of my reaction to that interesting something. Oh, and by the way, please like my post and follow me on Twitter!



Here’s the link on the article.



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I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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2 Responses to So, you want an Publishing Contract?

  1. Actually the last time my mama spanked me it was hilarious, we both ended up laughing it was so silly. Haven’t seriously thought of writing about it until now! Just stopping by from A to Z to say: “Hey, there, great post.” Shelina

  2. rhondamhall says:

    That’s Shelina! I dropped by your blog too. Love getting to read so many great writers!

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