K = Kelloggs A – Z Blog Challenge


My dad had a go-cart. We used to ride it around the Kellogg’s parking lot. When I was a kid, I had lots of ear problems. So, most of these trips I spent in the car bent over the back seat with my fingers jammed in my ears.

My sister rode the go-cart, but didn’t know how to stop it. Dad tried to help her to no avail. I remember seeing the commotion. There was an awful lot of arm waving going on. Pure frustration.

Finally, my dad stood in front of her and let her ram into him. Once she’d plowed into him, he bent down and turned off the ignition. Such a good Dad.


About rhondamhall

I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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2 Responses to K = Kelloggs A – Z Blog Challenge

  1. Barbara says:

    Question, Rhonda…so, do you get ideas throughout the day for your blog? Do you have a notebook and jot down these ideas even if they don’t come in “abc” order?

  2. rhondamhall says:

    Yes, but I wrote these out a while ago, as they came to me. I only need about three more letters/subjects, but I think I will be okay.

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