Penny A-Z Blog Challenge

I drink Caffeine free Diet Coke. I take the cans to an automated recycling machine. Inevitably, I have a trunk load or car load full of cans. I get about seventy eight cents. It never seems to be worth it, but I still keep doing it. What did Einstein say? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

I decided it wasn’t worth it. I had a new car and didn’t want all that left over dribble and spittle dripping in my new car. I left them in the recycling bin. My neighbor took all my cans. Hmm, she spends every February in Hawaii. Apparently, being thrifty pays off.

I started saving them again. I took my five year old nephew and my cousin’s five year old son, Tyler with me. They helped me unload the cans and dispense them down the vacuum machine.

After I got rid of all my cans, it spits out the usual meager amount. I looked at my paltry sum of money and saw an old coin. “Oh, look, a wheat penny.”

Oh, wow. The boys were impressed. “Oh,” Tyler said. “I have a collection of those.”

I shrugged and handed it over to him. “How many do you have?”

He looked at the penny for a very long time. “This makes two.”





About rhondamhall

I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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