Q = Q – Telecommunication Company *** A-Z Blog Challenge

Q- Q-Telephone Company

I work for a telecommunication company. It used to begin with the letter “Q.” Since I have been employed there, we have changed hands three times. One of our former CEO’s went to jail for insider trading. Our stock crashed. Many of my fellow employees lost thousands and thousands of their retirement dollars. I had just started working for the company, so I wasn’t vested yet. While I didn’t lose money, I still lost. Money that would have gone into my account, didn’t.  Many of my co-workers would have retired a long time ago, but they had to stick around to earn more retirement dollars. So, myself, and many others have stagnated in our jobs. We can’t move up, if people don’t leave.

On the day our CEO went to jail, we had a party. That sounds really mean, doesn’t it? We had a going to jail party! But don’t judge us too harshly, some of my co-workers told me their 401K’s had hundreds of thousands of dollars in it. Now, they had a little over 20K.

We had nachos and Sloppy Joes. If you know the name of the CEO, you will understand. Do you remember the monopoly card that says, “Go directly to jail, do not pass go?” A co-worker had a cake made with that design. It came complete with police dragging him off to prison.

There’s a great website called, www.theinmatelocator.com  (By the way, that makes me laugh. You can track infamous inmates…who knew?)

We were able to track him, and he recently just got out of jail.  He served his time, and I wish him well. 


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I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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