S = Spoiled Brat A – Z Blog Challenge

S= Spoiled Brat

If you read my A=Accident, it will come as no surprise that I’ve been rear ended a few times. A few years ago, I was rear ended by a spoiled brat. FYI, this accident is not included in my official count because there was no damage or injury.

First, I encountered this girl when she nearly ran a stop sign on me. She had a passenger. They were both teenagers. I was a teenager once, I know how it is. You get to talking and traffic signals are meaningless. Vehicles are in the way, just plow right over them.

I honked. Cause, that’s what grownups do. I had the right-of-way, so she yielded. Not five minutes later, she rear ended me. I got out of the car and requested her information. She never apologized. In my twenties, I also rear ended someone. Also, no damage or injury, but I apologized until the cows came home. I was beside myself with grief. The other driver, a Chinese woman and her entire family, barely spoke English. They were very polite and bowed several times. I offered my information. She shook her head. In fact, she tried to comfort me over my distress.

Back to the young girl, she didn’t ask if my friend and I were injured. Apparently, she didn’t care. I wrote down her license and insurance information. Handing back her information, she called me over. I could see the two of them, deep in conversation. Something was amiss in fairy princess land.

“Um, you can’t like, you know, hit somebody else and then blame it on me can you?”

Stunned that one could be so rude and dumb at the same time, I shook my head.

We never think of the good things to say, until later. I wish I had said, “If you’re worried about it, why don’t you call the police and they can write a report.” I really believe this rocket scientist would have done it. Sometimes, I find myself daydreaming that she did call the police. In the dream, I watch with glee as the policeman shakes his head and writes her a ticket. He and I enjoy a delicious laugh over the price of stupidity. We snort and shrug towards each other. “Kids, today.”

After I left, my friend and I kept looking for large objects that we could pound my car into. Why look a large trash Dumpster. Better yet, that semi. There’s a house…


About rhondamhall

I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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3 Responses to S = Spoiled Brat A – Z Blog Challenge

  1. G M Barlean says:

    This is why I avoid teenagers… especially girls.

    • rhondamhall says:

      I took that anger towards that kid & wrote the screenplay, “The Sandstones.” I took a spoiled family and had them lose everything, their house, their cars, and had them move in with their eccentric aunt who lives in a mobile home. I was named a quarterfinalist, so I guess there’s something uses your anger in a good way. I’ve been thinking of writing it as a novel.

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