T = Tire A-Z Challenge


Or tire.

I’m a long distance bicyclist. I love being out on my bike. I have ridden my bike across the state of Nebraska six times. I want to go again this year and am hoping to ride a couple of other states as well. The first year I did this was in 1983. Nebraska has lots of wide open spaces. Sometimes that means no toilets. Maybe, a tree or two, maybe a hay bale, if you’re lucky.

The first year I did this, I needed to find a tree or a hay bale, in the worst way. I kept thinking the same thing, I need a bathroom. I need a bathroom. I NEED A BATHROOM!

Finally, at the crest of a hill, I spotted a hamburger joint. YES!!! As, I got closer, I realized the restaurant was closed. Not only was it closed, it was run down and in disrepair. I kept riding and noticed bicycles parked in front and along the sides. I went around the corner and someone from the ride stood over a grill and cooked hamburgers. He had a helper who sold ice tea. I love ice tea! I love hamburgers! The first thing I asked, “Do you have a restroom?” Yep, there was one around back. Great, let’s have ice tea and hamburgers. I drank three glasses of tea and ate a couple of hamburgers.

I went around back and saw lots of bikers hiking their way back and forth. I asked, “Is there a restroom around here?”

A lovely man with a British accent laughed and looked reflective. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a restroom.”

Okay, I trotted on. I came upon what I could only describe as a former hog shed with a tarp draped across the front. A tractor wheel in the center with several rolls of toilet paper scattered about the rim. No, way, no how. I turned around and marched the other way. But, I really do need to use the toilet. I just drank tea. I just ate a hamburger. Who knows when or where the next toilet will be? I turned back around and headed towards the tractor tire. I looked again at the “set-up.” Nope, I’m a city girl, born and bred. I turned around again. Back and forth I went. Essentially, pacing over whether or not to use said tractor tire for its intended purpose.

And the winner?

Mother Nature. She always wins.


About rhondamhall

I am employed full time and am a humor writer & bicycle enthusiast.
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6 Responses to T = Tire A-Z Challenge

  1. Where would we be without toilets or tires. Nice to meet and connect through Atozchallenge http://aimingforapublishingdeal.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Barbara says:

    When your story appeared on my computer screen…T=toilet! I laughed. I hadn’t even read the story yet. Funny!!

  3. G M Barlean says:

    Cute. I’m a farm girl. I wouldn’t have had to think twice. Very cool someone was making burgers!

  4. Hey great post Rhonda! I could see it all. Being a rooster not a hen can be a pure lucky stroke at times. I hope you are enjoying the challenge of A-Z. Keep up the good stuff.

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