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Flip Flop Haters

I had a co-worker who hated feet. He said when all his kids and grandkids reached five-years-old he gave them a pair of shoes and told them, “Cover up. It’s not cute anymore.” I thought that was so hilarious I … Continue reading

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Effed up

In one of my writer’s groups, we had a discussion about the “F” word. Actually, the discussion was about the overuse of the “F” word. Years ago, I watched the movie Midnight Run with Robert DeNiro and Charles Grodin. I … Continue reading

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The Annual Family Reunion/Trek

We held our annual family reunion in Gordon Nebraska this year, just like we did three years ago. We have one every year, and we always have a great time. Three years ago, one of my cousin’s took us on a trek/tour … Continue reading

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The Newspaper Thief

When I lived in an apartment, I had the Sunday morning newspaper delivered. One morning, as I headed out the door, I discovered my paper was missing. I called the Omaha World-Herald and they brought me another one. The main entrance to our … Continue reading

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Don’t be Stupid and other Dadisms

I was out for a jog or my attempt at jogging. A song came on my IPOD. I thought how did I let this no talent wind up on my list of favorites? I don’t want to name her, in … Continue reading

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Pedal the Plains Day 3

  The Bike Corral.  I had to show my wrist band matched the bike I.D. Look at all those bikes. I did the 7 City Century Ride in Norfolk Nebraska. It was so hot in my tent that I sent away … Continue reading

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Pedal the Plains Day 2

Saturday, Sept 19th The next morning it was 39 degrees with a feels like temperature of 36. I’m not sure I could tell the difference. I forgot my full finger gloves, so my fingers didn’t move very well. I could … Continue reading

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Pedal The Plains Day #1

Here’s a picture of the start.  You can see all the bikers wrapping around this bridge. September 18, 2015 I got up early and took a shower. While sitting there, bemoaning my lack of sleep. A guy walked into the … Continue reading

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Text Neck vs. Biology Neck

In today’s society, we have developed a new ailment known as Text Neck. It happens when people, particularly youths, look down so often they develop a sore neck. Of course, they are also slouching and ruining their posture. We’ve all … Continue reading

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I’m a Crunchy Bagel

I’m a crunchy bagel. Yes, that’s right. I took an online test. You see them all over Facebook. I’m sure the REAL purpose of these tests is some sort of market analysis. You can’t help but take them, they are … Continue reading

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