What I’m Reading

There Used To Be A Guy, But He Died
by Alan Wilkerson
Alan tells about his journey across the state of Nebraska via bicycle.

Revenge of a Middle Aged Woman
by Elizabeth Buchan
This riveting story of a woman dumped by her husband and then her job. Her revenge is simply living a good life.

First-Degree Fudge
by Christine DeSmet
I’m about half way through with this delightfully funny book about a young woman who makes fudge in her Grandfather’s Bobbin shop. A woman turns up dead and her former boyfriend she dumped turns out to be the local sheriff. Now, she has to solve the crime.

by David Arnold
I just started reading this book about a teenager on a cross-country trip aboard a Greyhound bus. I think I lost this book. I can’t find it.

Stephen King takes a stab at stopping the Kennedy Assassination. I’m afraid I got bored with this book. Maybe, I will finish it one day.

The Story
This Story is the Bible in chronological order. Our church has taken on the task of going through this book in one year. Personally, I’m excited to read it.

Writing the Novel from Plot, to Print, to Pixel
Lawrence Block talks about his writing and how he came to be the writer he is.

The Gunfighters
A Time Life book about the Gunfighters of the old west. I learned some stuff I didn’t know. I learned Katie Elder was a real person, although it looks like she didn’t have four sons.

Bridget Jones, Mad About the Boy,
by Helen Fielding
A seriously funny book. Fielding did a great job adding in pathos over the loss of her husband Mark Darcy. Hollywood didn’t like the idea of killing him off, so they came out with the baby movie. It doesn’t matter. Fielding is hilarious.

The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street
by Susan Jane Gilman
I adored this book. The sad immigrant tale of a young girl who is abandoned by her family. She gets taken in by another family following an accident. She learns about ice which leads to her eventual wealth.

The Martian
by Andy Weir
At times, the technical jargon got to be a bit too much, but I didn’t care. I was so interested in how the main character would survive. What I love, besides this book was the story of the Martian itself. I read that he published this book first on his blog. I’ve been thinking about doing that myself. I doubt my book would have as much acceptance as his did, but who knows.

Julie & Julia
By Julia Powell
I saw the movie before I saw the book. I liked the book but she was a  foul-mouthed Republican hating whiner. When you get beyond all that, it is quite an achievement. I can’t see myself ever trying to go through an entire cook book in one year.  The task of finding the right ingredients would be daunting in and of itself. When I find a recipe I like, sometimes it takes me a week before I can get all the ingredients. I can’t imagine doing that everyday. It was an interesting read, but frankly, I liked the movie better than the book.

The Girl who Stopped Swimming
By Joshilyn Jackson
I liked this book a lot. At times, I got lost when she talked about her artwork or quilts. I didn’t understand quilts with seashells. There were a lot of interesting concepts about ghosts. One that I really liked was that after her uncle lost his foot in an accident, the main character was able to see it. Which helped explain how she saw the girl who drowned in her pool. This was a great read.

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
A daily devotional. Every morning, I start off reading this. I try to read it at least twice a day. Once, before I set out for the day, and the second time to calm me before I sleep.

I finished reading the books, Dating Dead Men, and Dating is Murder, by Harley Jane Kozak. I thought they were very good. Dating is Murder seemed to have lost a little steam after the first one. Course, it could have been me because I read them right after one another. I have another one of her books, but decided to put some distance between the first two.

I also listened to a CD of the book, The Pigman, by Paul Zindel. I first read this book in Junior High and loved it. A few years ago, I found the book at a garage sale. Of course, I read it. This year, I took a trip to Wisconsin and wanted to listen to a book on CD. I loved hearing it again.

I reread the book Making a Good Writer Great, by Linda Seger. Great book. It is mainly meant for screenwriters, but it would apply to all types of writers.

Upon the recommendation of my friend and fellow writer Kim Stokely, I listened to Skulduggery Pleasant on CD. Fabulous book. Unfortunately, the last CD was so scratched up I couldn’t finish listening to it.

I tried to listen to The Beach House, by Jane Green. I made it to chapter six before I realized I hated all the characters. I returned the CD’s to the library.

I attended the Nebraska Writer’s Guild Fall Conference & heard Tosca Lee read from her novel Havah, the story of Eve. I am completely amazed by this book. Her research and storytelling make me feel as if I on this journey with Adam and Eve.

I also fished reading the disturbing yet well written book, Room, by Emma Donoghue. I am blown away by this book. The story of a five year old boy and his mother. They live in the room, where they are kept prisoners. There also is a movie about it.


One Response to What I’m Reading

  1. kimber71 says:

    Glad you enjoyed “Woman of Flames!” And I love “Jesus is Calling.” It’s a great way to start and/or finish the day. I highly recommend “A Thousand Gifts” devotional by Ann Voskamp as well.

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